किडनी खराब होने से पहले मिलेंगे ये संकेत | Kidney Damage Symptoms Hindi


How do you know if you have kidney damage?

Detecting order damage, or the presence of order damage, involves feting specific signs and symptoms, witnessing applicable medical tests, and seeking professional medical evaluation. Then is how to determine if you may have order damage, emphasizing the focus keyword” order damage”:

  1. Recognize Signs of Kidney Damage: The presence of order damage may manifest through colorful symptoms related to disabled order function. Common signs of order damage include changes in urination patterns, similar as increased or dropped urination, the presence of blood or protein in the urine, sudsy urine, swelling( edema) in the legs, ankles, or face, patient fatigue, and elevated blood pressure.
  2. Undergo Urinalysis for Kidney Damage: To assess order health, a urinalysis is conducted. This individual test checks for abnormalities in the urine, including the presence of blood and protein, both of which can be reflective of order damage.
  3. Monitor Blood Pressure: Elevated blood pressure is a frequent sign of order damage. Regular blood pressure monitoring is pivotal to identify implicit order issues. constantly high blood pressure may gesture order damage and should be estimated by a healthcare professional.
  4. Conduct Blood Tests for Kidney Damage: order function can be estimated through specific blood tests, similar as serum creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate( eGFR). Elevated creatinine situations and a reduced eGFR are crucial pointers of order damage.
  5. Utilize Medical Imaging for Kidney Damage: colorful medical imaging studies, including ultrasound, CT reviews, or MRI, are employed to fantasize the feathers. These tests help identify structural abnormalities, obstructions, or other issues that may contribute to order damage.
  6. Consider Kidney Biopsy: n certain situations, a order vivisection may be recommended to diagnose order damage. A vivisection entails the birth of a small order towel sample for detailed examination, allowing for precise opinion and treatment planning.still, high blood pressure, or a family history of order complaint, If you suspect order damage or have threat factors like diabetes. Beforehand discovery and operation of order damage are critical to help farther deterioration and promote overall order health. Your healthcare professional will conduct the necessary tests and offer guidance on suitable treatments and life variations to address order damage.[sp_easyaccordion id=”490″]

मिलते है अगले कंटेंट में हमारी इसी साइट पर तब तक के लिए बाय।

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